Teach It To Get It!

The best way to learn is to teach

Teach It To Get It!

Pass On Your Knowledge Within a Week

Teaching is by far the best way to retain information and easily gain the ability to apply it. As a trainer for large corporations, I assigned different topics (products and services) to my employees to teach to other team members during our sales meetings. The “teachers” quickly became the experts on the products or services they taught. Why? The answer is simple. They knew that in order to teach others they had to know the product or service from every angle. They had to understand the product or service, how it worked, the features, the benefits, and how to offer it to potential clients. And relay that information to their peers.

At each institution, when we implemented the “teaching learning” method, sales immediately began to soar as a direct result. One of the smallest offices in the most remote location increased their sales by 301% in just one quarter. They didn’t have a “sales push” on any product or service. They didn’t hire any new salespeople. They merely became the experts on their product or service through teaching others.

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