Five Must-Dos to Get Customers For Life

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Five Must-Dos to Get Customers For Life

Keep customers forever! – Crystel Clear1.) Stop advertising and start innovating. Too often the business owners spend countless hours and dollars on advertising and marketing with very little, if any, return. In order to begin to dominate the market with your product or service, you must first become the innovator. In the 1930s a new brand of bread arrived. It was called Wonder. Wonder became the innovators in bread. Yes, innovators in bread.

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Your purple cow

What’s Your Purple Cow?

Create the Purple Cow

First of all, if you haven’t already read Seth Godin’s book Purple Cow, get a copy and read it today. Until then, I’ll cover the important part: Seth refers to creating a purple cow for your company. You might now be wondering what a purple cow is. Something exotic? Not quite. ‘Different’ is good enough.

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