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Finally Have the Work-Life Balance You’ve Always Dreamed of!

So many of us are searching for a good work-life balance! Why is it that some people seem to be able to manage it all? They have a great career, spend lots of time vacationing with their family, seem to be in great physical condition, have strong long lasting relationships…. We all know them. What’s

Large group of people with relationships

You Can Build Wealth – But You Must First Build Relationships

Relationships are the key to a fulfilled, successful, and yes even wealthy life.  Life is 100% relationships. Think about the people you come in contact with every day. Each one of those people plays an important role in your life. Whether it’s your spouse, children, customer, business partner or even the casual acquaintance. Build the

loyal customer

6 Must Do’s to Get and Keep Loyal Customers for Life!

In this day of abundant choices, instant access, and competition galore how do you get and create loyal customers? 1. Stop advertising and start innovating. Too often the business owners spend countless hours and dollars on advertising and marketing with very little if any return. Very seldom does it result in a new client, and

business owner

Be a Business Owner and Stop Letting Your Business Run You! 6 Keys to Owning a Successful Company!

Do you want to be a successful business owner? Are you tired of the business running you? Owning a business can be challenging. It can also be extremely rewarding. So why are some businesses so successful while others seem to struggle along until they finally close their doors? Here are the top 5 things successful business

5 Signs That You Bought Yourself a Job…J-O-B…Just Over Broke and Just Overwhelmed by Business!

Job. That dirty 3 letter word! Do you really own a business or do you feel overwhelmed and underpaid for your efforts as a business owner? Did you buy yourself a job? Too often people open a business with great dreams and then soon find themselves working longer days for less pay with far more

Business Coach

Choose Your Business Coach Wisely — They Can Make or Break Your Business. 5 Things You Must Consider When Hiring a Business Coach.

So you’re considering hiring a business coach? A business coach will lead you, guide you, direct you, and mentor you toward the success of your business… or run it into the ground. I’ve seen many instances of both. So, for the run it into the ground business coaches or as I prefer to call them…

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5 reasons Why Multitasking is Inefficient, Ineffective, and Ultimately a Terrible Way to Work!

Let’s start with a challenge. You must participate exactly as instructed. Ready to start multitasking? Here’s the challenge. Get a pen or pencil, a sheet of paper, and stopwatch. Your phone will do if it has a stopwatch feature. Do not read any further if you do not have all of these in hand. Now that

pay vs purpose and talent

Think your employees are leaving for more pay? Think again!

More than half of the American workforce is actively seeking employment! And they aren’t seeking an extra dollar on the hour or even a 20% pay increase. I spoke to a young adult, Kimberly, about 3 weeks ago. She worked for a company that proclaims to be “client service” driven. This organization has thousands of

Confused business owner employee expense

The 2 Largest Employee Expenses in Business that CEO’s, CFO’s and Even Business Owners Don’t Consider!

I’ll cut right to the chase. #1 Disengaged employees and #2 Employee Turnover Give me four minutes of your time to explain and possibly change the face of your business and it’s bottom line! First of all, you must know the answers to these questions. What is your employee retention rate? If you don’t know,

Time Management

The Top 7 Time Management Strategies….That are Proven to Work!

I’ll get right to the point. You cannot manage time. Go ahead. Give it your best shot. It will never happen. It is unmanageable. Like it or not, we are all given the same 24 hours in a day. It comes and goes no matter what we choose to do during that 24 hours. So,

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