Small Business Academy

Are you running your business or is it running you? Have you considered hiring a professional to help you systematize your business, increase your revenue, or just to free up time to live your life, but it's just not in the budget?  Small Business Academy is your solution!

Why did I create Small Business Academy?

Why did I create Small Business Academy?

"My average client invests $1,200.00 per month in coaching services. I know that is not in the budget for most small business owners. I also know there is a huge need for the small business owners in our community. I'm approached daily with requests for coffee dates to brain storm about how to improve the businesses of people just like you and I love it!

Small Business Academy is my way of giving back to the small business owners in my community. I'm so very blessed to do what I love every day and I want the same for you!

I've created Small Business Academy to give you everything I've given to my one-on-one coaching clients for a fraction of the investment. I'm super excited and hope that you will be one of 16 Small Business Academy members in 2019!

I've reduced the investment to $99.00 per month! Yes, that's $3.30 a day! You, your livelihood, your business, and your success are worth it and I would be honored to walk along side you on this journey! Scroll down a little further if you want to learn more through my video or the posted monthly schedule, or if you're ready to start just contact me at  to enroll!"

With unconditional gratitude, Crystel

What's Included

  • Bi-Weekly Key Business Performance Education and Implementation - You will attend Small Business Academy every other week to learn and implement successfully proven business practices.  These are hands-on sessions. You will leave each session with the new plan, practice, system, tool, or template completed and ready for immediate implementation!
  • Implementation and Accountability - Gone are the days of one-off business seminars that you attend, get excited about, and then get back to your office only to go back to old practices. Each week you will be led, guided, directed, supported, and inspired  and yes, immediately implement what you've learned.
  • Collaboration - Our Academy is filled with expertise! Develop strategic partnerships, gain insight, get sound business advise, and build business relationships with the other members of Small Business Academy!
  • Unlimited Access to Proven Systems, Tools and Templates - You will have unlimited access to all of our systems, tools, and templates that have driven hundreds of small business owners to success!
  • Unlimited Video Playback - Each session is recorded and unlimited replay access is provided to our members. Whether you've missed a session, you want to review the information again and again, or you want to share it with members of your team, unlimited video playback continues to give to our members over and over!
  • 12-Month CCBS Mobile App Subscription - The CCBS Mobile app allows you to have access to coaching 24/7 right on your phone! Access business how to videos, personal & professional development books, small business systems, tools, templates and more!

Want to learn more? Scroll down to see a month by month description of what you will achieve as a Small Business Academy member! OR click on the Message From Crystel Button to watch a video from me about Small Business Academy!

Month 1: Create Your Business Action Plan of Success for 2020 and Put It Into Action!

Gain the tools and insight and create a plan of action that drives, tracks, measures, and ensures your greatest success in 2019!

"People will spend countless hours planning for one week of their year, their vacation. They may even spend months planning where they will go, when they will arrive, what they will wear, what they will do while they are there, who will go with them, how much they will spend, and when they will return. They will hire experts to make the arrangements, give them advice, and ensure they are getting the most for their money. Yet they will leave the other 51 weeks of their year (their life) to chance. It's time to stop leaving your business, your livelihood, to chance. Your life is too precious. You, your products and services are too valuable. Your quality of life is too important to merely show up and hope for the best every day.  During this month you will create a plan that includes your business and personal goals and be directed on exactly how to achieve them!"

Month 2: Drive the 7 Key Performance Indicators

Understand, implement and drive the 7 key business performance indicators: Leads, Conversion Rate, Average Dollar Sale, Retention, Profit Margins and Overhead!

"Far too often business owners are so focused on getting clients or making the next sale that they miss the keys to truly growing their profitability, and because of it are actually less profitable. I worked with a coffee shop. Their average dollar sale was $3.00. By increasing their average dollar sale to $8.00 (And I will teach you how to do this too!) we were able to generate $1,000.00 more per day! During this month you will learn how to immediately increase your leads, your average dollar sale, and your conversion rate (Because let's face it. It doesn't matter how many leads you generate if they aren't buying from you AND buying from you often). You will learn how to get clients that buy from you over and over again. I worked with a company whose clients bought from them about every 90 days. We created a system that had their clients buying from them about every 30 days! The result? Instead of their clients spending about $400.00 a year with them, they were spending about $1,200.00 a year. The revenue result? Over $800,000.00 in increased revenue! Profit Margins are key too! I got a call from a multi-million dollar company that shared with me that they had been successful until something changed in their regulations that required them to make changes in their staffing, and all of the sudden they were losing money and projected that they would have to close their doors in November but they just couldn't figure out how to survive. I'm happy to say that within 6 months just by adjusting their profit margins, that business is not only thriving but has been named one of the top fastest growing companies in Northern Virginia!"

Month 3: Drive Company Cash Flow

Create and drive your company cash flow for the entire year!

"How are you making decisions for your organization? Do you know exactly when you can purchase new equipment? Hire a new employee? Launch a new product or service? Are you planning and projecting? Do you have the ability to see your financial picture for the entire year? Or are you making decisions based on what is...or isn't in your bank account? Projecting and understanding your cash flow is vital to the success and sustainability of your business. My clients' business generated thousands of dollars every week, and they were spending thousands of dollars every week. Sound familiar? Okay, maybe you're not generating or spending thousands every week. But I would venture a guess that you're running a business based on what you have in your bank account on any given day. My client reluctantly sat with me to create a projection of her cash flow for the year. What we found was astonishing! While they made thousands of dollars every week, there was a week in mid August that they would not have been able to make payroll. They very next week they were in the positive again according to our projections. We made two small adjustments and not only did they make payroll, they can now project the date they will hire a new employee, purchase new equipment, launch a new service line, and invest in other income generating ventures! They will forever project cash flow on a weekly basis! And you will too!"

Month 4: Create Your Company Budget

"Create and drive your company budget! Gain the insight you must have as a business owner! Setting and driving your company budget will show you exactly where you're getting your greatest return on your investment. Do different areas of your marketing budget get a greater return? Do your employees provide a return on their investment? Does your retail space or lack there of cost you more than the return it's providing? Are you investing your earnings in all things that provide a return, and a healthy one at that? Do you know what you should budget, how to budget, how to stay within or adjust the budget to ensure the foundation of your company's ultimate success? During this month you will not only have all of those answers but you will walk away with a budget that shows your greatest and lowest returns and have the knowledge it takes to increase or decrease the budget areas to get the greatest return! I coached an entrepreneur who was spending money on everything he thought a business should have, website, CPA, products, licensing, etc...what he didn't do was track the return, or the value of those investments. After creating, tracking, and adjusting the company budget he realized that he was earning approximately $60.00 per hour filling sales. By investing in a automated order and delivery system, he was able to reduce his hours worked by 50%, which increased his hourly income to $120.00 (minus the cost of the software, a monthly fee of $39.00). Now that's how you create, track, adjust, and drive a company budget!"

Month 5: Understand Business Financing

Understand the power of using the banks' money to your advantage and how to get the financing you need!

"Every business must be able to obtain financing. Having even a small line of credit gives you buying power as well as opportunities to grow your business. However, too often business owners do not understand the world of business lending. And why would they? That's what lenders are for right? Never more true have the words "Knowledge is power" than in business. Maybe you think you could never qualify for a business loan, or your credit isn't strong enough, or you don't make enough money. Maybe you're just unsure what type of loan to ask for. During this month I will give you all of my behind the scenes 16 years of business lending expertise, secrets, and tools to obtain the financing your business needs, all without paying the exorbitant interest rates and bank fees. As a banker I've seen successful businesses close as a result of the wrong loan. Yes, successful and yes, close. I've seen businesses close because of a lack of financing to grow. I've also had the great pleasure of giving clients financing, the right type of financing, that allowed them to grow, to have working capital, and to fill short term needs. The right financing can catapult your businesses success. The wrong financing or lack there of can be detrimental. Gain the knowledge, the power, in finance that you must have as a small business owner."

Month 6: Create Your Company Brand

"Are you tired of spending countless hours and dollars to attract new clients? During this month you will learn how to systematize your marketing to drive clients to your door and be ready to buy from you over and over by the time they get to your location or website! You will also understand the power of branding and create a brand that is recognizable, represents your business, and ensures that your clients understand and want to invest in the value of your brand over and over again!"

Month 7: Stystematize Your Business

"Do you feel like you're wearing 20 hats? Maybe more? During this month you will systematize everything about your business that will allow your business to continue to run and grow and make profits without you having to be the one to do all the work! My client found themselves either repeating the same information, giving instruction on how to, or repeating the same daunting tasks day in and day out. We created a system for every avenue of their business. The result? Over 11 hours a week of time given back to my client, happier employees, raving clients, and a larger profit margin. Systems are a game changer for any business owner from large to Sole Proprietor!"

Month 8: Attract & Retain Top Talent

"Whether you're a Solopreneur wearing all of the hats and are ready to hire an employee, build a team, looking to outsource some of the responsibilities, or you just need to keep the great help you already have, this is your month! You will be given the tools, the ability to project plan, and create a business that gets the right people, keeps the right people, is able to pay the right people and has talent approaching you! I coached a start up that had grown to about 7 employees when we met. The company has now grown to over 200 employees! That's 200 new jobs created! That's the owner now working only on that business rather than in it! THAT is life changing! I also coached a business owner who didn't want the responsibility of employees. He now outsources what once were several of his daily duties, works less, and earns more. THAT is an improved quality of life! And THAT is what I want for you!"

Month 9: Attract & Retain Top Clients

"Getting new and keeping existing customers can be exhausting for a small business owner. During this month you will learn and implement the strategies that I've used with small mom and pop businesses as well as multi-million dollar companies to not only get and keep your clients but get and keep your A level clients (those who value your product or service, those who are willing to pay for your product or service over and over again, and those who are you raving fans and send you clients just like them!) I worked with a business owner who had many clients. The majority of his clients were just not a good fit for him. They wanted to negotiate price, get additional services for free, and buy from my client about once a year. Within about one month we moved those clients to a business better suited for them. Yes, my client was worried about revenue. Remember, this was the MAJORITY of his clients AND we were sending them to his competitor. The end result? More time to focus on getting and retaining his A clients AND he made 28% more profit in a third of the time every week!"

Month 10: Scale Your Business

"Scaling your business is all about generating more revenue with less work involved! I worked with a business owner who was working 90 hours a week and making very little money. Within 6 months she was working only 20 hours a week while her revenue increased by 34%  just by making small adjustments to scale her business!"

Month 11: Create Passive Streams of Income

"If you only have one means of income you're missing a huge opportunity!! I think of income like pillars on a porch. If you only have one and something happens to that pillar your porch will come crashing down. However, if you have several pillars that are all providing support, even if one pillar isn't strong you still have the strength of the others. During this month you will begin to establish other means of income. Not just income where you trade your time for money, but income that is generated while you sleep! Trust me. I know what you're thinking. And I've created over 20 streams of income with my clients and I can, and will, show you how to make passive income too!"

Are you ready to enroll and have the greatest year in business? Contact me by clicking the Contact Crystel button to the right and filling out the contact form ...or just email me at to discuss your opportunity today!

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