Master Your Skills

Retain information with spaced repetition

Master Your Skills

To Ingrain Skills, Space Your Repetition

Have you ever crammed for a test? You stayed up all night studying, reading, and rereading. That may have helped you pass a test the next day, but that type of repetition won’t let you win in the long run when you need certain skills to be successful.

Think about advertising. Companies don’t play back-to-back commercials over a period of a couple days—they strategically place ads in different mediums over a period of time to reinforce their message.

Learning skills should be the same. Using different mediums over a period of time will allow you to understand, gain the information, and best apply it. Once you’ve mastered a book on a certain subject, attend a workshop on that same subject. Take good notes. Teach someone. Repeat them over and over again throughout the next several months—or even years—until you know that you could be interviewed by another expert and you’d shine!


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