Hire the Best! Forget the Rest!

Attract, qualify, and hire the best candidates

Hire the Best! Forget the Rest!

To Hire the Best, Be the Best

It can take up to three months to fill just one position at Zappos. Keri Ayres, the CEO and founder of Moms In Motion, spent many years hiring to fill roles; today, it’s a privilege to work with the team of eighty-four strong moms in motion.

For Moms, there are several steps you must accomplish to even be considered for an interview. There are many deselection steps throughout the automated process (I’ll share how to automate your recruiting system in another blog). You must show your skill set and fit into their culture before you’re even considered for an interview. This process weeds out anyone who won’t be a good fit for Moms, leaving only the best of the best.

If you’re hiring bodies merely to fill seats, stop today, even if that means you have to pick up some of the workload yourself. It’s that important. Define your vision, your culture, work on your leadership skills. Providing an anonymous survey to your employees is a great way to find out what they think of you as their leader. You’ll want to take their constructive criticism seriously. Have a good look in the mirror. Take a few leadership classes. Read a few leadership books. Practice your skills and get feedback again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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