Crystel Smith

Crystel Smith enjoys helping local business owners make the most of their business.Crystel Smith, Author, Speaker, and Founder of Crystel Clear Business Strategies is the area’s most sought out High-Performance Coach.

Crystel’s life’s work is driven by catapulting others to achieve greater than they’ve ever imagined, to uplift, inspire, motivate, and activate their dreams.
She has been very blessed in her 20-year career with the opportunity to train (lead, motivate, inspire, and propel) over 4,000 people with a proven track record of endless success.

Over a 15 year career in banking, while working with hundreds of small businesses, Crystel became an expert in analyzing business operations, finances, systems, and team challenges. That career ultimately provided the skill set and reputation that led one of the world’s largest coaching firms to recruit Crystel as a Business Coach. Her reputation for success, extensive business knowledge, strong business and community relationships provide Crystel with the ability to found and successfully own and operate 3 businesses.

Crystel’s devotion to revealing and sharing the truth drives her to continue to published educational and motivation material as well as travel across the nation, to speak, train, and propel!

Crystel’s passion for helping others fulfill their dreams coupled with my extensive expertise in driving successful businesses provides her clients and training participants with an energetic, enthusiastic, High-Performace Coach!

Crystel has lived in the Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia, area for over forty years. During that time she has raised two remarkable children who also live in the area and spend most weekends with their family on the farm where Crystel and her husband Sean reside. Crystel has also been blessed with four grandchildren and several nieces and nephews, which makes every weekend the opportunity for a large family gathering. Crystel believes that quality time with her family is the most important part her life.

Crystel Smith is the biological daughter of a business owner who worked long hours for little pay, which left little time for her biological father to spend with her over the years. Still, Crystel considers herself blessed to have an adoptive father and biological mother who have always understood the importance of a balanced life who made spending quality time with Crystel and her two sisters their biggest priority. Crystel has a special passion for improving the lives of business owners to ensure that they have time to enjoy their families and their lives rather than just being self-employed and tied to a job, which she saw in her personal life experience and throughout her business relationships during her career.

The passion Crystel Smith has to improve lives—coupled with her experience in business operations, sales, team-building, financial analysis, training, and the ownership of three successful businesses (Core Dynamics, a unique relationship based networking group where business owners can build their business through building relationships; Optimum Impact, The Elite Training Solution, changing the face of the business world; and Crystel Clear Business Strategies, One on One High-Performance Business Coaching—proves her to be the High-Performance Coach, Elite Trainer, and Speaker of choice for business owners and their teams!


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