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Business owner or entrepreneur

Did You Buy Yourself a Job or Are You a True Entrepreneur?

Are you a true entrepreneur with everything in hand, or have you only bought a job and believe you’re something you haven’t quite achieved? While you’re on the right track, you’ve only bought yourself a job if:

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Authentic Influence Go Give

Relationships and Wealth

Life is 100% relationships. Think about the people you come in contact with every day. Each one of those people plays an important role in your life. Whether it’s your spouse, children, customer, business partner or even the casual acquaintance. Build the right relationships and you will ultimately build your wealth.

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The power of an accountabiity partner

Who Is Holding You Accountable For Your Success?

Get an Accountability Partner

Let’s talk about the healthy lifestyle again. You’ve taken the first step and joined a local gym. You’re actually really excited because you even went to the grocery store and filled your refrigerator with healthy food. Now what? While you’ve taken a few good steps in the right direction it doesn’t mean that you’ll actually go to the gym on a regular basis and work out while you’re there. It doesn’t mean that you will make good food choices throughout the day while you’re not home. This is why personal trainers are in such demand. It’s all about the accountability.

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Expect to learn

If You Want To Learn, You Must Expect To Learn!

Expect to Learn

How many times have you attended a workshop or seminar only because you felt you had to? I’ve been there. The boss scheduled a training for me; the company retrained on a regular basis. We often attend or read because we think we should because someone else thinks we should.

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Wrestling with yourself

How Business Owners Get in Their Own Way

While working with business owners over the last nineteen years I’m often asked, “What is the greatest challenge you see for business owners?”

The answer is always the same because it’s the owners who are usually their own greatest challenge.

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