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90 Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners with No or Little Budget!

Marketing on little or no budget? Yes is it possible!

How many marketing strategies do you have actively working to drive business to your door? 100 or more? If it’s any less than 100 you’re missing countless opportunities!

I know what you’re thinking.

That’s impossible for any small business!

What if I told you it was possible and on a very minimal…almost zero budget?!

Visualize your business. Think of it as a porch with pillars. If you only have two pillars (marketing strategies) and one pillar collapses your roof (business) is sure to fall. However, if you have ten columns, each with 10 different support systems built in, your roof will have continuous support!

Before building your 10 x 10 marketing plan you should first DEFINE YOUR TARGET MARKET, and Follow this 9 Must-Do’s to GENERATE AND CLOSE LEADS IN TODAY”S MARKET!

Take a moment and list all the general marketing avenues you are currently using. Now, within each one of those avenues how could you utilize that avenue for more potential? If you’re using social media as an avenue what other social media platforms are available. I can think of 10 free social media platforms. The pillar (Marketing Avenue) is social media. The supports (Strategies) are the 10 platforms. That’s 10!

If you have a website what are the 10 things that you could do to generate and potentially close leads on your site? That’s 20!

If you have a referral program, what are the 10 ways you could generate referrals? That’s 30!

The list goes on and on!

Check back or email me at for a 10 x 10 downloadable marketing strategy list with over 90 strategies with zero or minimal investment required!

Marketing doesn’t require a hefty investment that’s tied to guess work. If done strategically, efficiently, and effectively it can generate and close more leads than you ever thought possible!

Give them the pickle

Do You Give Your Customers the Pickle?

Give Customers the Pickle!

In Bob Farrell’s book Give ‘Em the Pickle, he discusses a letter a restaurant owner received from one of his lifelong customers who decided that he would no longer be a patron of his establishment. The reason? The customer asked for a pickle on the side.

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Wecome back customers

Give Your Customers a Reason to Return

Give Them a Reason to Return

Do you give your existing customers a reason to return and buy from you again? Something as simple as a loyalty program can be a game changer for your business; the average consumer will buy from you again if you’ve made them feel important, but 68% of customers leave a business because they feel unimportant.

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Do you know your customers

Ready, Aim, Fire! Directly At Your Target Market!

Define your Target Market

Americans are bombarded with over 30,000 advertisements and logos a day. Yes, a day! Think about it. Just driving down the interstate you often see thousands in a matter of an hour.

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Make me feel important

Five Must-Dos to Get Customers For Life

Keep customers forever! – Crystel Clear1.) Stop advertising and start innovating. Too often the business owners spend countless hours and dollars on advertising and marketing with very little, if any, return. In order to begin to dominate the market with your product or service, you must first become the innovator. In the 1930s a new brand of bread arrived. It was called Wonder. Wonder became the innovators in bread. Yes, innovators in bread.

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Your purple cow

What’s Your Purple Cow?

Create the Purple Cow

First of all, if you haven’t already read Seth Godin’s book Purple Cow, get a copy and read it today. Until then, I’ll cover the important part: Seth refers to creating a purple cow for your company. You might now be wondering what a purple cow is. Something exotic? Not quite. ‘Different’ is good enough.

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Im not my target market

Your Target Market Goal—Stop the Shotgun Approach

Stop the shotgun approach and take aim at your target market!

What’s your target market and how do you plan to reach out to it? All too often, companies and business owners use the shotgun approach; they throw their marketing dollars in every avenue they can think of, hoping something will work. Trust me, I’ve worked for companies that actually encouraged their sales teams to use the shotgun approach: throw as many shots as you can and eventually something will stick.

What they typically forget is one of the fundamentals of business—creating their target market.

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