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Learning + Doing = Success

How Do I Change My Habits?

Change Your Habits

Let’s face it. We all have what we would consider good and bad habits. In order to create good habits, a few things have to come into line.

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The best way to learn is to teach

Teach It To Get It!

Pass On Your Knowledge Within a Week

Teaching is by far the best way to retain information and easily gain the ability to apply it. As a trainer for large corporations, I assigned different topics (products and services) to my employees to teach to other team members during our sales meetings. The “teachers” quickly became the experts on the products or services they taught. Why? The answer is simple.

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Be the expert

Become the Expert By Repeating

How Do You Become an Expert?

Repeat, then repeat, and repeat again. If one could be a professional golfer and win the World Cup after only one lesson everyone would be a world class golfer. But we all know that one lesson doesn’t give us the ability to be the expert.

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Retain information with spaced repetition

Master Your Skills

To Ingrain Skills, Space Your Repetition

Have you ever crammed for a test? You stayed up all night studying, reading, and rereading. That may have helped you pass a test the next day, but that type of repetition won’t let you win in the long run when you need certain skills to be successful.

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Expect to learn

If You Want To Learn, You Must Expect To Learn!

Expect to Learn

How many times have you attended a workshop or seminar only because you felt you had to? I’ve been there. The boss scheduled a training for me; the company retrained on a regular basis. We often attend or read because we think we should because someone else thinks we should.

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