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My business can operate without me.
I can take vacations without contacting or being contacted by clients or staff.
I have a system that provides profitability reports based on company finances.
I utilize a step by step marketing plan that consistently produces results.
I have a business plan that includes strategies, steps, and benchmarks that are consistently tested, measured, and improved.
I have a clear set of business and personal goals that are consistently updated and met.
I have an organization chart that clearly defines the reporting structure of my company.
I have position descriptions with key performance indicators for every position within my company.
I calculate and create new strategies to increase my conversion rate.
My business has systems and work flow processes in place.
I have a system for tracking leads.
I have a customer data base that I actively update.
I know my average dollar sale.
I have a sales team that produces results.
I have a recruiting system that efficiently and effectively recruits the right people for our team.
I have an ongoing training system for all departments of the business.
I regularly meet with business advisers to ensure the business is profitable and headed in the right direction.
I provide leadership training for my entire team 3 times or more each year.
I survey my entire team every year to evaluate employee engagement.
Every employee knows what is expected of them on a daily basis.
I utilize assessments to uncover the strengths of my employees AND then continuously develop their strengths.

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