Are You A Leader?

Leadership is an action

Are You A Leader?

Leadership, Leadership, Leadership!

Are you a true leader in your organization or just the boss? A true leader grows leaders. They surround themselves with other leaders. Kathy Heasley, founder and president of Heasley & Partners, said, “Leadership is being bold enough to have vision and humble enough to recognize achieving it will take the efforts of many people—people who are most fulfilled when they share their gifts and talents rather than just work. Leaders create that culture, serve that greater good and let others soar.”

Do you motivate and inspire others to soar? Do you take the time to meet with you team members and ask what they envision for themselves? Do you create opportunities like Henry Ford did for those who may not have had the opportunities otherwise? Do you ask your team members what they’ve accomplished or do you ask them how you can help them accomplish? Good leaders empower their team members.

Do your team members have the authority to make decisions throughout their day? Bob Farrell’s Give ‘Em the Pickle is used all over the world for customer-service training. However, it’s a great example of the power of empowering your employees versus setting strict policies and procedures. As a business owner, your team is your most valuable asset. Without your team, you can’t serve your customers. Hiring future leaders, growing them, empowering them, and bringing them with you to reach your vision is critical to the success of your company.

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