Banking Secrets Made Crystel Clear“Best investment to date!” Keri Ayres, CEO & Founder, Moms In Motion 

“She conveys this priceless information with a tongue in cheek style that is quintessential Crystel, and it all amounts to an easy, enjoyable, and immensely valuable read!” Alan J. Fink, MD, Founder & CEO Blue Ridge Eye Specialist, PC

“I have worked with Crystel for my financing for years. She knows the lending industry inside and out. This knowledge is invaluable to anyone in the industry and those seeking any financing!” Dr. Gaurav Agarwal, President & Founder Valley Pediatric Dentistry

“It goes without saying that we wouldn’t be where we are today without Crystel’s guidance!”  Jon Eye, President, Mover Dudes Inc. 


Get Your Copy and Start Saving and Getting the Financing You Deserve!

A book like Banking Secrets Made Crystel Clear comes along once in a lifetime. For the first time ever, multi-business owner, author, speaker, and sixteen-year veteran banker, Crystel Smith, reveals all of the business loan secrets the banks don’t want you to know!

These shocking yet true examples of how decisions are made, what really drives bankers, who the key players are and why it’s imperative to ask the right questions, provide you, the business owner, with the power to negotiate like never before!

If you’re a business owner in need of financing this book is a must have! Crystel reveals how to negotiate your rate, the term of your loan, and how to reduce and even eliminate fees!

Whether you’re purchasing real estate, equipment, ownership in a business, or just need a line of credit this book will give you all the insight to save thousands, potentially tens of thousands of dollars AND get the financing you deserve!


Crystel’s sixteen-year behind-the-scenes experience working in several banks, both large and small, provides a unique insight into the true actions and ethics of bankers across the industry. The banking secrets she reveals will not only shock you but will give you a true look into the demands in the life of a banker and the valuable opportunity to save yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars as a business owner who now knows all the secrets behind private banking!

Crystel Smith—wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, and sister—is herself the owner of three businesses. Crystel Clear Business Strategies offers a one-on-one coaching opportunity for business owners who are committed to taking their business to the next level to achieve their goals and dreams. Core Dynamics offers a unique opportunity for business owners to build their business through building relationships. Finally, Optimum Impact provides the opportunity for business owners to achieve greater success in a classroom environment.

During her sixteen-year career in banking, Crystel spent the majority of her time serving her clients to help them achieve their business financial goals.  As a business owner and coach, Crystel is now committed to ensuring business owners achieve not only their financial goals but their personal goals and dreams through the success of their business.

Crystel walks the walk! As a multi-business owner she lives by what she teaches other business owners. Her successful businesses allow her to spend time doing what she enjoys most in life, and her first priority is spending time with her family.

Crystel lives in Winchester, Virginia, with husband Sean Smith. They live the life they have both always dreamed of on a small farm. The farm is often filled with their children—Brian, Stephanie, and Alyssa—and grandchildren Mason, Addison, and Ettalynn. Sean and Crystel enjoy hosting all of the family and holiday events to bring the large family of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, brothers, and sisters together. The three successful businesses Crystel has built using the same strategies she teaches others provides the time and financial resources to gather the family often. This is her vision for all business owners.

Crystel instills in her family the importance of spending time with family. She often reminds her family and clients that time is something you cannot get back or make more of. “Our family and the time spent with them is a precious gift. We need to cherish it and spend our other time very wisely to allow for more quality time with our loved ones.”

In Banking Secrets Made Crystel Clear, Crystel provides insights to business owners who are ready to spend less time frustrated with bankers, save hundreds of thousands of dollars, and ultimately give that time and money back to what is important to them in their lives!

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