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Our culture at Crystel Clear Business Strategies revolves around a passion for improving business and improving lives. Our vision, our mission, and our culture ensure our focus and commitment to you and your business! Some of these may seem like “no-brainers,” but we want you to know that we take those “common sense” ideas seriously.

Our Culture - VisionOur Vision:

Business is our passion! Improving lives is our purpose! We build legacies!



Our Culture - Mission 2Our Mission:

Our mission is to empower our clients with a clear vision, and strategic planning and implementation to achieve their greatest potential as an entrepreneur and live the life of their dreams!




Our Culture - Culture 3

Our Culture:

Integrity: We choose to uphold ourselves to consistent moral and ethical standards.

Honesty: We are truthful, loyal, fair, and straightforward.

Community-Focused: We are highly respected members of our community who purposefully and generously give back.

Team-Oriented: We consider ourselves to be an integral part of our clients’ team, consistently proving ourselves to be a great asset.

Educated: We are highly skilled professionals who cultivate an environment of continued education.

Educational: We provide continuous, effective, and valuable education to our clients.

Open-Minded: We are perceptive to our clients’ personal ambitions as well as their overall business goals.

Empathetic: We are compassionate and understanding toward our clients.

Client-Success Driven: Our success is driven and measured on the success of our clients.

Fun: We wholeheartedly believe in having fun.

Promotional: We consistently promote customer awareness and loyalty for our clients.

Supportive: We are mindful and respectful of our clients.

Encouraging: We uplift and motivate our clients.

Strategic: We are calculated in setting goals, determining actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources and strategies to execute the actions.

Focused: We selectively direct our attention and actions.

Results-Driven: Our efforts are concentrated on achieving measurable gains for our clients.

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